The Golden City [Jaisalmer in Photos]

EP12: Meet Unryu

Jātipi dukkhā – Birth is dukkha
Jarāpi dukkhā – Ageing is dukkha
Maranampi dukkham – And death is dukkha
Soka-parideva-dukkha-domanassupāyāsāpi dukkhā – Sorrow lamentation pain grief and despair are dukkha
Appiyehi sampayogo dukkho – Association with the disliked is dukkha
Piyehi vippayogo dukkho – Separation from the liked is dukkha
Yampiccham na labhati tampi dukkham – Not attaining one’s wishes is dukkha
Saṅkhittena pañcupādānakkhandhā dukkhā – In brief the five focuses of identity are dukkha

Siddhārtha Gautama was not born as a Buddha, he became one.

4 years ago I discovered Buddhism, and meditation. This led me to go in the footsteps of the Buddha between Nepal and India to get a better understanding of his teachings.
While discovering the places where the Buddha lived, Meet Unryu, a Japanese Zen Monk in Bodh Gaya who share with us the fundamentals of the Buddhism Way to Enlightenment.

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Blue is the warmest color [Jodhpur in Photos]

EP11: Wander in Dhobi Ghat

Before the present world, the Absolute alone was present.
The emergence of consciousness and matter created the cosmic ocean and thus the universe.
The universe is created, destroyed, and re-created in an eternally repetitive series of cycles.
After enduring 4,320,000,000 years, the universe is then destroyed by fire or water elements.

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Jaipur in Photos

EP10: Meet Pankaj

Do you want to see a real Slumdog Millionnaire?
In the most important slum in Mumbai and where parts of Danny Boyle’s movie was shot, Meet Pankaj in Dharavi!
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