Amazing Human Mazes

Wandering Alaskan wilderness I encounter a beautiful meditation maze. Do we need to create order to make sense of life? Does that only mean unrooting nature and creating tiny walls? And then, now that we trapped ourselves, trying to get out of it? Juneau, AK, USA, 2017.

The world screams.

The world screams. The concrete marks the violence with which it was struck like a wall. The concrete screams. The grass groans under the teeth of the animal. And man ? What shall we say about man ? M.H. Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, 2016.  

School field trip.

The caves may have been deserted for over 1100 years, but now they are the destination of all the schools in the area and many more from afar. The quiet meditative caves are then transformed into school playing halls where laughs, games and shoutings would hardly have any interruptions. Still the ballet was very well …

Above Manikarnika.

From Bashkar’s room, you can smell the human flesh and hair burning from the cremation ghat right down below. Time never stops, always running ahead. He told me: “The only constant is change, impermanence, Anitya in sanskrit! Unless you stop moving, within your body and within your thoughts”. And this, Bashkar can’t forget of course, …

The Albatross.

Wandering at night in Varanasi, the city is silenced by the occasional electricity cuts, all human traffic terminated, only some cows are roaming from one trash pile to another and dog packs are abruptly running and barking along the ghats. The cycle rickshaw driver is still down here, the street is his workplace and his …