Burmese Me Too

Women of Myanmar

With the recent arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi early 2021, I remembered I shot a series of photographs of Women in Myanmar/Burma back in fall 2014. Jointly with the Me Too movement around the world, the women status in the world hardly progressing, now was the time to publish the series.

Women of Myanmar are strong and heartful. I rarely visited a country with women so actives and present in society, in one word : Admirable. Discover them in this series of photographs, the babies, the school girls, the workers, the elderly etc…

I will update the post with the location of each photograph, for now comment for any question about a particular one.

Shot by David Feuillatre during a 14 months trip in Central Asia and South East Asia in fall 2014.

2 thoughts

  1. I remember us visiting the tattood women near Mrauk U together with you, David. Still feel the tension we experienced when we were late for the return trip and travelled through Rogingya territory as night fell.
    I admire your pictures a lot. You were the first to teach me to aim for a shot that tells a story.
    Good luck to you and your loved ones!


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