The coolest night in the desert.

When I say cool, I mean cold. The most freezing wind blowing all night long, cooling your body to the bones, the camels ran away. Pakistan wasn’t that far. Memories of a long extinguished fire, but the stars, yes the stars.

Far away was the fort still rising.

We left very early the morning to walk our way towards the desert. A herd of cows followed us for a while, then they stopped. We were leaving everything behind. One last glance over my shoulder. And that was it. We were on own. And now nothing could stop us.

Girls are tough.

My sister lives in a neighbor city of Paris, she now has two kids and works at the headquarters of the French Red Cross, she has a very busy life. She is often doubting about herself even though she always kept on taking more and more commitments in life and succeeded in everything she undertook. …

Jordan in Photos

EP05: Meet Zedane

Meet Zedane and discover bedouin life in Wadi Rum desert in Jordan!
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